UGEARS Mechanical Wooden 3D Puzzle Model Monowheel Construction Set

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  • 3D MECHNICAL WHEEL: The single wheel is built in skeleton steampunk style, which means you can see and enjoy the beauty of moving gears. Despite its airy and delicate look, your alternative model is sturdy, you can take it outside and give it a good roll on pavement and other hard and semi-rigid surfaces
  • TECHNICAL FEATURES: The Ugears mixer kit comes with 300 pieces, including 19 spare parts. The assembled model measures at 185 ?? 95? 6,299mm and like all models in the Ugears family, it is made from high quality sustainably sourced wood and has everything you need for assembly
  • QUALITY OF PARTS: We use a laser method to cut items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to be taken out of the tables and assembled to create a complete model
  • TRANSPARENT ASSEMBLY: Includes 300 wooden components, and the building is accessible to both children and adults comes with a step-by-step assembly guide, easy to follow and requires no glue or special tools to fully assemble
  • FUNFILLED ACTIVITY: It can be used to create a fun activity set for any special occasion. For example, I can offer it as a challenge in closed form with the game prize in the middle of the safe. Containers can try to open the safe, listen to the sounds inside, or turn the handle. It will be great fun, and if nobody succeeds

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